Consultation Services

TOPS is offering 30 minutes of free consultation to help researchers apply the quasi-experimental methods described in TOPS seminars to their own research and grant applications. The consultation service provides expert advice subject to our capabilities with the goal of increasing the use of rigorous quasi-experimental methods in tobacco-related research. Please complete the form below for limited requests for assistance from the TOPS team.

Who Might Request Consultation Services

What to Expect from a Consultation

TOPS administrators will review requests for appropriateness and match the requester with a consultation expert, who will likely be a member of the TOPS Executive Board or Advisory Board. The requester will receive an e-mail response to their questions from the consultation expert, or a calendar invitation to a 30-minute video-conferencing meeting with their assigned consultation expert.

What if You Need Additional Help Beyond the Free Consultation

The consultation expert will attempt to provide resources that could be useful for future work, or names of researchers who the requestor may contact independently of TOPS to inquire about serving as a co-author or paid consultant.

How to Request Services

Please complete all fields of the TOPS Consultation Services Request Form.