Tobacco Online Policy Seminar (TOPS)

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TOPS Video Introduction


The goal of the Tobacco Online Policy Seminar (TOPS) is to provide a free multidisciplinary, international forum for research using experimental or quasi-experimental variation (i.e., a well-defined counterfactual for the treatment group) to study nicotine-tobacco policies, with a particular interest in emerging tobacco products and modified risk tobacco products. This forum is designed to bring together academics, government scientists, students/trainees, funders, healthcare professionals, and advocates, with the goal of breaking silos in tobacco policy research and providing a platform for high-quality research to be discussed and disseminated. The ultimate goal of the forum is to facilitate the production and sharing of knowledge that can be used to develop an effective tobacco policy framework. TOPS strives to be a respectful, inclusive, and diverse forum, with participants and attendees united around the concept of presenting and learning from tobacco research using study designs capable of providing causal interpretation.


Support or Contact

Contact TOPS by emailing tobpolicy(at)gmail(dot)com or by Twitter @TobPolicy.