Call for Papers / Nominations

We currently only accept submissions from presenters with a primary (and active) affiliation at a college/university, research center, or government agency, and for submissions that are not funded by the tobacco industry,1 foundations or consulting organizations they support, or tobacco advocacy organizations.2

1 The tobacco industry refers to any entity that manufactures, distributes, or sells tobacco products, including any parent, affiliate, branch, or subsidiary.

2 A tobacco advocacy organization is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization that uses litigation, lobbying, or public education to influence public policy regarding tobacco products.

Presentations may take one of three formats: 1) traditional single-paper presentations, 2) workshops that describe new tools or methods that are relevant to tobacco policy researchers, or 3) grand rounds presentations that discuss a series of (typically 2-3) thematically related papers. Papers may be unpublished work or recently published work.

We encourage submissions/ nominations that focus on research with tobacco policy implications using experimental or quasi-experimental study designs. Experimental studies may include randomized trials, discrete choice experiments, and other designs that randomize an exposure variable of interest. Quasi-experimental studies refer here to non-randomized studies that have a well-defined counterfactual for the exposed group, with examples of two common designs being difference-in-differences and instrumental variables analysis. We are also currently interested in systematic reviews of evidence using experimental or quasi-experimental study designs, and micro-simulation / structural modelling that incorporates causally-interpretable parameter estimates.